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We seek for new products beta tester(s). Eligible users will receive product sample, and their feedback will contribute to future product upgrades. Subscribe Baseus newsletter and get your chance to take part in the beta test. Details of the campaign will be sent to your inbox.

FAQs about Beta Test

Baseus Beta Test Program is about inviting Baseus users trying out new products before its official release to gather insights and feedback. Words of Baseus users will be collected to improve it.

Subscribe Baseus newsletter. When a new product is available for testing, we will send you a request form to participate in product testing by sending you an email. After submitting application, invitation email will be sent to eligible users within 3 business days.

No, you get to keep the sample.

Yes, signing a NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT is a MUST, and posting or sharing the product in an image, video, or in any format violates one of the terms stipulated in the agreement.

7-12 business days is to be expected counting from shipping date.

It depends on the product you are to test. There are usually 1 to 3 surveys.

No, products sent out for beta test are not covered by any warranty.

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