Reasons Why Your Phone Won't Charge and How to Fix It

Reasons Why Your Phone Won't Charge and How to Fix It

There are many reasons your phone might stop charging, it can be the USB cable you are using, the charging port is damaged, the electric socket is faulty, and so on. But before you come to any conclusion, it's wise to check the reason for not charging.
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We need our smartphones in our daily lives and because we are using them all day, we need to charge them too. But what if our phones won't charge? There are many reasons your phone might stop charging, it can be the USB cable you are using, the charging port is damaged, the electric socket is faulty, and so on. But before you come to any conclusion, it's wise to check the reason for not charging.

After you have finally detected the issue, now you can go for the solution. In this article, you will get the possible solution and understand the main reason why your smartphone isn't charging.

Why your phone won't charge

Phone Charging

The problem occurs in various degrees. Either your phone won't charge at all when it is plugged in, or it will only charge very slowly (sometimes barely faster than it is discharging). It's a very common complaint, so here are a few solutions. Most charging problems are related to your USB cable or charger or even the port itself. When you see these issues below you need to change those things immediately.

Faulty charging accessories (cable, charger, sockets, or adapters)

You are having a headache about why your phone wont charge? So, it can be the issue of the cable which is the most common reason for the phone not charging anymore. Or it has become slow suddenly. It can also be the fault of the socket you are plugging the charger into, the electric flow isn't going through it. Then it can be the issue of the adapter.

Damaged charging port

Damaged charging ports can always be the issue for the phone not getting properly charged. Electrical faults can happen any time without you having any hint of it, and for that, you are unable to check the sockets regularly. You will not understand when a power failure or short circuit has occurred and the phone has stopped charging completely.

You can also discover that the rate of charging has slowed down drastically, and if this is not the fault of the USB cable, or the adapter as you have checked the charging in another socket, where it charged perfectly then, it's time to change the electric board.

Software collapse

Smartphones these days work on software, and when the same collapses it can affect the charging. There are no exact ways to understand that the software has collapsed, but you will understand the issue the moment the phone will stop charging.

To be sure of the problem you can check the electric socket, charger, USB cable, and the adapter first with another digital device. After this, if you still see that your phone is not charging then, it might be a software issue. For this, you have to take the mobile to a service center and from there you can fix the device. However, make sure that the service place gives a warranty on the software.

Disruption of third-party apps

Why do we use smartphones? Besides calling and texting, we use these devices for various apps. But these applications can become problematic sometimes. They must not have been updated, or going through some bug issues and so on.

For these problems, your phone might get affected and the charging could stop. For this, you need to check the faulty apps first and look for the issues they are going through. Once you have detected those apps that are causing disruption, you need to uninstall them. If one of them is important to you then, ask the developer to fix the issues or find an alternative app. If the issue is with the third-party apps then, just uninstalling them will fix the non-charging problem.

Software update

If your smartphone isn't updated or its apps are still going through the older version then, the charging issue can happen.


How to fix phones that won't charge properly

Baseus Smart Fast Charging with Multi-ports

If you are worried about your phone not charging properly it can happen for many reasons. It can happen because of dust, damaged USB cable, battery, and adapter issues.

These problems are prevalent with any digital device but you can always get a solution for them. You can choose high-quality chargers to charge your smartphones so this non-charging issue will not happen again. Let's look at some problem solutions below.

1. Remove lint, candy, and dust on your device

Do you keep your phone in your pocket most of the time or inside the purse? If so then, dust and lint can enter the phone charging sockets. Phone servicing experts do no anymore get surprised when they see phone charging sockets are filled with dust, lint, and even chocolates! It can happen because we are human and we do things that are inexplicable even to us sometimes. So, when you keep your phone most of the time inside the jeans pocket or in the purse it will come close to various types of dust and the things we put inside those pockets.

To clean the same you can use toilet paper or cotton swabs. Just insert the soft cotton padding inside the phone charging socket and brush it over it. It will do the work. You can also use 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean the phone as recommended by some experts.

2. DIY USB port fix

First you have to remove the battery or switch off the phone. After that, you can fix the USB port by using a toothpick that will raise the little tab upward. You have to do it very gently and carefully because one mistake and the USB port will get damaged forever.

Now you can re-insert the battery and start charging to see if it's working. This work is delicate and it requires an expert's hands. So, if the phone USB is the problem, it's best to purchase a new data cable. This will solve the problem immediately and it will be a faster issue resolution.

3. Replace your charging cable

If you are looking for the answer on how to fix your phone that wont charge? The answer might be changing your charging cable. This is the most common issue of your phone not charging.

Most people face this issue and this happens abruptly. Once the charging cable has stopped charging, you will no longer be able to use it. So the best thing you can do is to buy a new charging cable. This is the perfect solution you can get for the charging issue you have been facing these days. Once you have a powerful cable in your hand, it will not give you any more trouble. Now you can charge your phone anytime, anywhere you want.

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4. Get new adapters or charger

Baseus chargers

Getting a new charger will fix your phone charging issue immediately. Check out the variety of Baseus chargers suited for your needs. Also, if you have two devices at home you can use one charger for both or buy two chargers if you are feeling generous.

The moment you get a new charger you will see a spike in phone charging. It will take a very short time to get the full charge and the battery will give a long-lasting performance as well. This is one of the best features of good power chargers.

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5. Keep it secure and safe

Keep your phone in a safe and secure place always. This way the phone charging sockets will not catch dust and lint. Also, if you have to keep the phone inside the pocket, make sure your phone has a cover and a dust plug on. These things will keep the device safe.

6. Replace your battery

Sometimes phone battery is the issue for the phone not charging. If this is the issue with your smartphone then, you need to replace the battery as soon as possible.

7. Charge from the right source

Check the wall sockets before you start charging your mobile devices. If the socket on the wall is faulty it can create a huge problem. So, you need to find the right socket and charge from that only.

8. Do a software update or a rollback

Updating the software will give you a better charging experience. Also, if the new version isn't good and you are having difficulty using it, you can roll it back to the older version. However, before you do that you need to keep a backup of the apps and documents. After that, you can change the software versions as you wish.

9. Switch it off

Try switching the phone off first and then switch it on. Once you have done this, your phone might start charging immediately. If it still doesn't charge then it's time to change the charger.

10. Ensure accurate battery status reports

Get the right battery status report. If you see that the battery isn't working properly or it has puffed up, it's time to replace it. You can always check the adapter if it's working or not.


There are a variety of ways of identifying why your phone won’t charge, but there are also simple ways to fix it. Your phone might not get charged because of the wall socket, charger, or USB cable.

For a faster resolution, check out Baseus chargers for your new charger. Once you have a high-quality charger with you, you won't have to go through the issue of slow or non-charging issues.

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